About Hendry Photography

Good photography tells a story about the people and places in each image.  Great photography draws us in and leaves us wanting to know more.  A lot goes into creating captivating photographs: equipment, skill, passion, patience, and a love for both people and the human experience.  When these elements come together, the potential exists to capture simply priceless images.  The value of our photography in not found on an invoice, but rather in the circumstances, people, and emotions that subtly permeate or anxiously radiate from each scene.

Hendry Photography is a family owned and operated small business providing professional on-location and in-studio photography services. We are motivated by our love of the people on both sides of the camera.  We do not make our primary living behind the lens which grants great freedom to be creative not only in our work, but also with our business model and service offerings.


YOUR IMAGES: We believe strongly that your photographs are just that – yours!  For that reason, each of our service offerings include digital prints that our clients are free to reproduce, edit, and distribute for personal use.

UPFRONT PRICING: Our fees are explained upfront which allows us to focus completely on telling your story once the cameras come out! No Surprises.

GREAT EXPERIENCES: We are not scientists and our clients are not subjects. We build authenticity, laughter and trust into each session to create great images and experiences.

We are excited to meet you!

~ Gabe & Teresa Hendry

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